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July 29, 2020

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A headshot of Dee Lanier, smiling.

The importance of diversity

Dee Lanier @deelanier

Educational Technologist & Equity Enthusiast

Dee Lanier is an educational technologist and equity enthusiast. He is a passionate and energetic educator who has taught K-12 and college courses for more than a decade. Dee is a founding mentor and architect of Dynamic Learning Project, a Google coaching program pilot, and he co-founded Our Voice Academy, a program aimed at empowering educators of color to gain greater visible leadership and recognized expertise.


Dee is also the creator of the blended-learning educational activities called, Solve in Time! and Maker Kitchen. He is currently a transformation agent with LINC.

The importance of digital citizenship

Jim Steyer @jimsteyer

CEO and Founder of Common Sense Media

Jim Steyer is an author, lawyer, professor, and one of the most respected experts and entrepreneurs on children's media and education in America.


He is founder and chief executive officer of Common Sense Media, the nation's leading nonpartisan organization dedicated to improving media and technology choices for kids and families. He is also the founder and chairman of the Center for the Next Generation.


Importance of educational technology

Jennie Misong Magiera @MsMagiera

Global Head of Education Impact at Google

Jennie Magiera is the global head of education impact at Google, the Corwin bestselling-author of “Courageous Edventures,” and the founder and president of Our Voice Alliance, a non-profit organization that seeks to elevate marginalized voices and perspectives to improve equity and empathy in education. Previously, she was the chief program officer at EdTechTeam, the chief innovation officer for the Des Plaines Public School District 62, the digital learning coordinator for the Academy for Urban School Leadership, and a proud Chicago public school teacher.

Importance of accessibility

Laura Kalbag @laurakalbag

Co-founder of Small Technology Foundation

Laura Kalbag is a British designer based in Cork, Ireland. She’s the author of Accessibility for Everyone, a book about web accessibility. She is also the co-founder of Small Technology Foundation, a not-for-profit working for social justice in the digital age by making privacy and ethics in technology accessible to everyone. Typically, Laura’s making design decisions, nudging icon pixels, or distilling a privacy policy into something humans can understand. Occasionally, she has speaking engagements and writes articles about the importance of accessibility, inclusion, and diversity in the web and tech communities.


Importance of creating accessible content

Sady Paulson @sadyspaul

Apple Distinguished Educator

Sady Paulson is an editor, presenter, and graduate of Full Sail University. Sady has cerebral palsy and growing up, she wondered if she would ever have a job she loved. This changed 14 years ago when she met Mark Coppin, an Apple-Distinguished educator and director of assistive technology at the Ann Carlson Center. Mark introduced Sady to the technology that has helped her access the world. Today she’s a big nerd who loves technology, and uses assistive tech to communicate with loved ones and pursue a career in film making and public speaking.




Opening Ceremony

Importance of Diversity

with Dee Lanier

Importance of Digital Citizenship

with Jim Steyer

Importance of Educational Technology

with Jennie Magiera

Importance of Accessibility

with Laura Kalbag

Importance of Creating Accessible Content

with Sady Paulson

Closing Ceremony

Post-Show (Vendor Floor)


vendor floor


Chat with vendors about the latest educational technology on the virtual vendor floor. It’s a Microsoft Team with a real-time discussion channel for each vendor. Simply pop in and join the channels for the vendors you’re most eager to see and talk to. While you’re there, you might also run into colleagues and friends!

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